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Gourmet Duo
Basket for aperitif and pic nic the next day
Composed of local and Provencal products; Foie gras terrine from the Bondil et Fils house 180g, tapenade 180g, candied vegetables 180g, Thoïonade 180g, goat cheese 100g, a whole sausage, cherry tomatoes 100g, bread and croutons.
100€ ttc for 2 persons on the spot and to take away

Self-service until 10am each morning
This is made up of fresh products, including hot drinks, freshly squeezed fruit juice, bread, homemade jams, verdon honey, yoghurt or cheese, fruit cereals. We adapt to food intolerances, to be specified when booking.
12€ttc/day per person

Special requests

on request at the latest 36 hours before your arrival; Aperitif tray, fresh fruit tray, bouquet of flowers…

Other Services

Meditation and energies
Find the wonder, the benefits of plants and all the energies that our beautiful Provencal nature offers us (Forest bath, Shinrin Yoku, Meditation…)

Appointment with Jeanine herbaliste; 20€ the session of 2H /2h30MN

Aesthetic and well being modelling à la carte :

Japanese Face Modelling (Kobido) 60mn 90€
Cleansing, scrub (10mn) and massage, accu-pressures (50mn). Kobido provides great relaxation, harmonises the energy circulation of the face and “lifts” your features. The entire head is treated from the shoulders upwards. This manual lifting is a harmonious blend of relaxing, toning and draining manoeuvres. Rejuvenating and firming treatment. Promotes suppleness and elasticity of the skin. Improves blood and lymphatic circulation. Activates the production of collagen and elastin. Cleanses, moisturises and re-oxygenates the tissues. Erases the effects of fatigue and stress. Lets go physically, mentally and emotionally. You will travel…
By reservation only, subject to availability of our practitioner

Cranial, face, neck and back modelling 45mn 75
Absolute relaxation through shiatsu techniques (finger pressure on the skull and face for 10 minutes) and
deep smoothing, stretching and kneading of the back (35mn). Tension and stress disappear.

Balinese modelling 60mn 90
An encounter between India and Asia, combining Chinese massage and Ayurveda.
A harmonious protocol on the whole body with alternating soft and tonic manoeuvres
tonic manoeuvres (pressure, smoothing, kneading and stretching) according to the paths of the muscles, tendons
and energy circuits. A deeply relaxing, energetic massage that helps to relax
of the muscles.

Tibetan modelling (Ku Nye) 80mn 110
Modelling with a Kansu bowl (10mn) as well as digital pressure, kneading, percussion, stretching… to rebalance energies, bring about a deep relaxation, release muscular and nervous tensions, eliminate toxins and waste, tone and moisturise your skin.

Hawaiian modelling (Lomi Lomi) 70mn or 90mn 110€ or 130€.
This modelling provides great relaxation, improves energy and fluid circulation, and brings a release of mental, nervous and muscular tensions by means of sliding pressure of the thumbs, fists, forearms and gentle stretching. This massage is deep and invigorating. It will of course be adapted to your needs and feelings.
Ideal for people who are very tense or sporty.

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